Airport AIDS to navigation lights

Ship's navigation light

Beacon light

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Solar aided airport lighting system

    Runway side light

    Runway warning light


Helipad navigation aid lighting system


Solar powered aerial obstacle lights

Solar powered airport light


Ship's navigation light

Airport navigation aid lighting system



Part C: Lights and Shapes


Helipad navigation aid lighting solutions


Solar aviation obstacle red warning solution





Solar helipad navigation aid lighting system



The DOUBLEWISE® Solar helipad Navigation Light system is compliant with the ICAO Annex14 Volume II standard, and its navigation AIDS are designed with integrated solar energy and wireless remote control, making it easy to install and maintain。They can be easily installed or disassembled without interrupting the normal operation of the tarmac, especially suitable for emergency, rescue and other temporary light navigation aid。

Sunway Digital has 20 years of experience in providing solar visual navigation lighting systems, services and solutions to airports around the world。


经济:No trench digging, no wiring;Central control room and power distribution room are eliminated。

方便: Wireless control, portable installation;Tertiary dimming, visual/night vision (NVG) switching。

实用: Polycarbonate Lens, strong and durable;Implement ISO9001:2015QAS。



System configuration


The solar helipad navigation aid lighting system consists of wireless remote control, ground and departure area (TLOF) boundary lights, final approach and departure area (FATO) perimeter lights, apron floodlights and helipad lights




The above types of lamps are solar powered, in addition to the heliport lights, can achieve three levels of dimming: low light, medium light, high light。Wireless remote control can be placed in the tower, can also be held in the field operation, its effective control distance of 1000 meters。





TLOF ground and away area boundary lights

360˚绿光; 安装总高度:190mm  

Built-in solar energy :1.5Wp;Battery:


Wireless transceiver, control switch and three dimming





FATO final approach and takeoff zone perimeter lights

White light 360 °;Ditto others。





Tarmac spotlights


Solar cell: 15Wp;Battery: 10AH/12V 

Wireless control, tertiary dimming





Heliport lights

360° white light, ICAO standard helipad flashing mode

Built-in solar energy: 7.2Wp;Lithium battery: 16AH/7.4V 






Wireless remote control

Coverage: 1Km

Control all relevant lights on/off

Tertiary dimming


Typical case








Mounting flange



In order to facilitate the conversion of structures such as steel plate and cement plane, a special flange adapter FlangeBase can be provided, and its installation is shown in the following figure。