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Solar beacon light




Since 2001, Sunway Digital has been designing and manufacturing AtoN lighting equipment, including buoy or lamp post lighting systems, port terminal entrance signs, waterway and canal markings, offshore rig lighting, research buoys and monitoring systems。


Doublewise® solar beacon lights provide 360° visual coverage from 2 nautical miles to 13 nautical miles and guide ships safely in and out of port。When used as buoy lights, they can be easily installed on a variety of buoys and require little to no maintenance for five years。


High performance: IALA standard, fully waterproof。

multifunction: Navigation warning, electronic bird repellent, GPS monitoring。

Low maintenance: Integrated design, ISO9001:2015 quality assurance system。


Luminaire selection


The main function of the beacon light is to ensure the safe navigation of the ship at night。The beacon light can be divided into four types, which are fixed lights, light buoys, light boats and lighthouses。Fixed lights, light buoys and light boats are beacons used for navigation and warning, while lighthouses at sea emit recognizable signals day and night, which are used to determine the position of ships and provide danger warnings to ships。




  Solar Beacon Light (2~3 nautical miles)

The Solar Beacon Light DWS303 is an IALA compliant buoy light with a visual range of up to 3 nautical miles。Because of its integrated design, high reliability and durability, it has become a model of Marine navigation lights。The light can be customized in a variety of flashing modes including IALA code, Morse code, SOS code and custom code。Its characteristics and advantages are as follows:


●  Multi-color Lens (Lens) optional: red, yellow, white, green;

●  The lens is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate produced by Bayer GMBH。

●  The unique dome design prevents birds from falling and dust to ensure solar charging efficiency;

●  Patented adaptive energy optimization system for up to 140 hours of autonomy。

●  Solar self-contained integrated design, waterproof rating IP67。





  Solar Buoy Light (4-5 nm)

Solar buoy lightDWS503It has a viewing range of up to 5 nautical miles and up to 16 flicker modes to choose from。Each color is available in 16 different flicker code words, including IALA code, Morse code, SOS code and custom code。These modes can be selected through the use of a dip switch in the lamp and four indicators。Its characteristics and advantages are as follows:


●  Integrated solar panel 2.7Wp, replaceable Ni-MH battery 5Ah/4.8V;

●  16 flicker rhythms to choose from;

●  All-weather charging, full of anti-rainy days up to 15 days;

●  Fully sealed design, waterproof class IP67。

●  Germany Bayer polycarbonate, so that the lens has a good UV protection ability。




  Solar beacon light with electronic bird repellant (7~10 nautical miles)



The solar beacon light DWS703 is a high-performance navigation light with visibility up to 7-10 nautical miles。The unique design makes it simple, reliable, durable and easy to operate。The light is available in 256 flashing modes, including IALA code, Morse code, SOS code and custom code。These modes are selected by the remote control and the digital tube in the lamp。GPS and GSM modules are available if necessary。Its characteristics and advantages are as follows:


●  Integrated solar panel 7.2Wp, replaceable lithium battery 16Ah/7.4V;

●  256 kinds of flashing IALA rhythm, remote control selection;

●  All-weather charging, autonomous time up to 200 hours after full;

●  Fully sealed design, waterproof class IP67;

●  Three-dimensional intelligent detection, ultrasonic and acoustic wave combined bird drive。


IALA buoy system


The Maritime Buoyage System is one of IALA's main contributions to improving the safety of ship navigation。The buoy system, which IALA unified around the world in 1980, is essential to safe navigation at sea, just as traffic lights are used to guide drivers safely on the road, buoys and beacons are essential to guide crews safely at sea。


Before unification, there were more than 30 buoy systems in operation around the world. Can you imagine the level of confusion?!


The maritime buoy system provides rules applicable to all fixed and floating markers (except lighthouses, sector lights, headlights and markers, light boats and large navigational buoys)。In the IALA buoy system, there are 5 types of buoys that can be used in combination。The crew can easily distinguish these marks by easily identifiable features。As described below, the lateral markers between buoy zones A and B are different, while the other 4 types of buoys are common in both zones。


The laterals in zone A use red and green for the port and starboard sides of the channel during the day and night, respectively。In Zone B, however, the colors are reversed。China is in Zone A and Zone B is the Americas, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines。


The IALA buoy system offers five types of buoys, as follows:



   Lateral beacon


This buoy indicates the port and starboard sides of the course to be followed and is used to define A clear direction of the channel, as shown in the diagram below on the right side of Zone A。




   Azimuth mark


Used in conjunction with the crew's compass to indicate where the crew can find navigable waters。


All azimuth markers flash white at night, the rhythm of which is shown in the table below。




   Isolated danger marker

Used to indicate isolated hazards of limited size with navigable waters around them。


   Safe water mark

Indicates that its location is surrounded by navigable waters, for example.mid channel marker。

Safe water markers are very important to navigators because they indicate the start of a channel or the entrance to a port。 So when a navigator sees a safe water mark on a chart, he should quickly realize that he is approaching a waterway or port。


   Special mark

Not primarily to assist navigation, but to indicate special areas mentioned in navigation documents, such as:


-- Ocean Data Acquisition System (ODAS)
-- Traffic separation
- Damage ground marks
-- Military exercise area
-- Cables or pipes
-- Play area


  The crew can also add another type to the log, which is called a "new danger sign", such as an emergency wreck sign。


Typical application



  1. 侧面
  2. Azimuth mark
  3. 研究浮标


  1. 航道标识
  2. 港口入口
  3. 私人助航


    • 钻井平台
    • Shore wind field
    • 驳船码头
    • 水上建筑
    1. Float marking
    2. Safe waters标示
    3. 危险标示






1.Difference in waterproof level between IP67 and IP68?


For solar lamps, the waterproof level IP67 is sufficient, and IP68 is not necessary。There are three reasons:

 Ingress Protection (IP) indicates intrusion protection. The international security standard is IEC60529.The format of the IP code is IP××, where ×× represents the number in the coding scheme (see Table 1 and Table 2 below);


表1. The first number in the IP code indicates the level of protection against solid foreign objects



Degree of protection

0 或X

No special protection


To prevent the intrusion of objects greater than 50mm, mainly to prevent the human body from inadvertently touching the internal parts of electrical equipment。


To prevent the intrusion of objects larger than 12mm, you can avoid accidentally touching the internal parts of electrical equipment。


Prevent greater than 2.The intrusion of 5mm objects is mainly to prevent the intrusion of objects such as tools and wires。


Prevent greater than 1.The intrusion of 0mm objects can block the intrusion of mosquitoes, flies, small insects and other objects。


Dustproof, but can not completely prevent dust intrusion, but the amount of intrusive dust will not affect the normal operation of the electrical。


Dust-tight and completely resistant to Dust intrusion。


表2. The second number in the IP code indicates the moisture and waterproof rating



Degree of protection

0 或X

Not evaluated


Prevent vertical dripping intrusion


Prevent the intrusion of water droplets with a tilt of 15 degrees: When the electrical equipment is tilted at 15 degrees, it can still prevent dripping。


Prevent jet water intrusion: prevent rainwater or water sprayed vertically into the direction of the Angle less than 50 degrees。


Prevent splashing water intrusion: Block the intrusion of splashing water from all directions。


Prevention of wave intrusion: To prevent the intrusion of water rapidly ejected from waves or blowhole。


Prevent the intrusion of large waves: It can resist the immersion of Powerful Jetting Water。


Prevent short-term water intrusion: The electrical equipment can still ensure the normal operation of the equipment when it is immersed in one meter of water for more than one hour。


Prevent long-term water invasion: The equipment can still ensure the normal operation of the equipment under a certain water pressure under the condition of long-term sinking water。



 In practical applications, it is impossible for solar lamps to be submerged under water for a long time。Because if you stay underwater, the lamp will not be able to charge, so it will not work properly。Therefore, it is meaningless to require the waterproof level IP68 of solar lamps。


  No solar lamp can pass the IP68 test, because it cannot be charged under water for a long time and cannot work。Therefore, the expression of solar lamp IP68 is just a hype stunt, and there is a suspicion of deceiving users。




2.How to install navigation lights?


Sunway all the installation of beacon lights are the same, there are two installation methods。


2.1  Direct mounting


The lamp body itself has four mounting holes, taking DWS703 as an example, its structure diagram is as follows:



2.2  Switching installation


In order to facilitate the transition to the structure such as steel plate and cement plane, the flange adapter FlangeBase is specially designed, again taking the solar beacon light DWS703 as an example, and the installation is shown in the following figure。





3.How to monitor the beacon light remotely?


GPS and GSM modules can be installed to achieve remote monitoring of navigation lights, and other functional modules can be added: such as tide measurement, water temperature, wind direction, etc。Remote monitoring, measurement and recording are achieved through the remote monitoring system software of beacon light independently designed by Sunway Digital, as shown in the following figure。